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"Unlucky" Barack Hussein Obama...

THIS is our next President? Only a few of the media are outlining his past, and America's future. A satirical look (listen) at Obama (from the Glenn Beck show, Oct 15, 2008) Marxism didn't work in the '30s, and it won't work in the 21st century. Obama's telling us we need "change," but... what change? Stalin and Hitler brought "change" to a country that was fearful of their future and looking for anything that would help them fill the pantry. Americans are better than that.

We don't need undefined "change" for "change sake." We need an honest, strong leader. One without a past of Communism, Socialism, and lying. Obama is far from our solution. Well, at least he served in Illinois (Chicago), no political corruption there!

Listen to Beck and see if you really trust this man. I certainly don't. "What are the odds?!" Listen to the dialog, and THINK. We have a country that has proven to be great, let's not let it be torn down.

Obama is the "media darling." For example, CBS has shown 38 positive views for Obama as opposed to just ONE for Mccain. 38 to one. The other networks are close as well ("17 to 1" for NBC, etc.). We're being brainwashed, because people don't think, they react to snippets presented to them on TV. The media is driving us, and manipulating on their own strong, pointed agenda. And they're feeding off the "20-somethings" who attend liberal schools, "learn" from MTV, and never actually READ the Constitution. America's gone down the slopes for kids who think an Asian tattoo on their forearm is rebellious and means "change".

We're smarter than that. Aren't we?

Oh, and this is important, he's our first "Black President." Interesting because his mom is white, while his dad is a mix, only a fraction "Black." Estimates for Obama are that he's just 2% "Black." Gee, what a "change..." How many voters do you think ever bothered to check? No need, the media told us he was "Black," why take the time to verify it? Sure, he looks black, but then, I look German (or some say Swedish). I'm, at most, 1/6th German, so for me to say I'm German would be lying.

Listen here (MP3) Our socialist President, to be...

Also, Obama seems to think the constitution is "restricting," and wants to change it. Can you spell "Marxism?" Listen here (MP3)

"Dear Mr. Obama." The famous, or infamous" YouTube video from a Vet who's sending a message. Is this a man we want as Commander-in-chief? Don't think so

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