"Guys" Sun Valley Weekend

The "Guys Sunvalley Weekend" was started many years ago by Jim (the guy in the middle of the first, upper-lefthand corner picture), around 1997, and continued for five or six years. Also known as the "No Chicks Weekend," we gathered the most untrustworthy and despicable men we knew, rented a hut in Sun Valley, and let it all hang out over Superbowl weekend.

We continued the trend each and every year, and I heard a rumor that Sun Valley would stock up on extra liquor and cigars in preparation for our arrival (rumor unconfirmed). No one got arrested or killed (despite the 50+ mph crash when one of our ilk, on an apres-ski trip to Haley, thought it wise to pass in raging snow at night, with a resulting meeting between the car and a telephone pole. We all walked away. The car? Toast...)

But time moved on, we got married, kids, some of us moved out of town, etc., and the tradition passed with time. Great memories though, and hey, "NO CHICKS!" Definitely a "Guys" weekend..! :)

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