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What gives with these scum? My rant about SPAM and the idiots who foist it


This, in the past few months (aside from the "V-ia*gr_a" spam) is what I've been receiving from unidentifiable email senders. Read this and try to make sense as to why would anyone send this?

"optimistic is nightdress emphasis a pancake not sketchpad cool. grew is lewd medusa is anaglyph a andrea attitude good.
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it cordial some clinician ! denude not westerly on battery on olive a macabre , tipperary.
, augustan some combatted see care may lack
, sweetish be germ.
but poe but botanist and revulsion it's garb but inappeasable some hawk it's tonnage.

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it elution see caloric not breakwater some champaign ! swanky try bolivar be anathema be courthouse.
but verity see comedian see denny the holler
some argumentation it callous.
or cash a proscribe on chromic , voiceband in cedar be knives a analeptic.
in salvation but expiration the charity in ineducable try cholinesterase. see beadle some convulsion.
some serge ! prestige the thumb but cowslip be diebold , spruce see arclength see bethought.
and existential it automotive some kennedy a carlisle
the question ! grime. or tone ! nightdress it's intemperate some benevolent the toward try billings but chou."

That's IT! That was the email! There was no link to something they wanted me to buy, no link to some website destined to be a pop-up maverick. No phone numbers to call for "more information." Just a ton of nonsense words that someone sprayed out to captured email addresses.

I'm sorry, maybe I'm not smart enough to understand, but what's the purpose? I have to guess it's just a test to see if the email addresses on the spam list are valid (and to throw in gibberish in some attempt to bypass spam filters), but that's just a guess. I'm getting tired of closing down and changing email addresses, but what else can you do? "prestige the thumb but cowslip be diebold"?? Who would write that? I'm beginning to change my mind on Capital Punishment these days, as long as it starts with spammers...


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