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What are these quotes?

These are simply a collection of quotes from all around, quotes that I like, believe in, or just find amusing. However, some of these are attributable to the following sources:
  • "The little Zen Companion", David Schiller
  • "Zen In the Martial Arts", Joe Hyams
  • "Don't Squat With Yer Spurs On! - A Cowboy's Guide To Life", Texas Bix Bender
  • "Just One Fool Thing After Another - A Cowfolks' Guide To Romance", Gladiola Montana & Texas Bix Bender
  • Some song lyrics
  • Other various books I've read
  • Other...
They're displayed randomly, so each time you load the page you should see a new quote.

I hope some of them make you grin, or ponder. . .