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"The Rules and The Code of Tennis" for the Palm PDA

If you made it here you're almost certainly an owner* of the Palm data assistant (making you one of the true intellectual elites, not to mention how fiercely attractive you must be to members of the opposite sex). In that case you need "The Rules of Tennis" and "The Code of Tennis" AporaDoc files for the Palm! Never again will you or your opponents be uncertain about a call or a rule. You'll simply swagger over, fire up your Palm (which you cleverly keep tucked away in your tennis bag; I wouldn't recommend you keep it worn on your waist with one of those little Palm cases that clip to your belt. I mean, the Palm's small and all, but it might fly out and get cracked, or a ball could crash into it and then you'd be saying "Why, oh WHY didn't I listen!?") . . .

So, you'll pull out your Palm and in seconds you'll find the answers to even the thorniest corner-case rule question! Your hapless opponent won't know what to make of you, and your game will soar, while theirs will collapse into a singular, empty, and cold nothingness. . . .

Sound like fun? Then download these free docs (in .pdb format) and glance at the Readme file). They require the AportisDoc program to view. I've indexed both The Rules and The Code for easy retrieval, rendered it in stunning black & white, and formatted them in a slimming (and some say, "sexy") width for the Palm screen.

          Download The Rules of Tennis (36K)
        Download The Code of Tennis (22K)
        View the Readme file
Standard Disclaimer Applies:
These files are offered for your enjoyment only, and no guarantees as to their accuracy or suitability to task are expressed or implied. They are free for your use, and the user assumes all responsibility for their use.

* - And if you're not a Palm owner, you should be. Put down your web browser right now, get in your car, and drive to someplace that sells the Palm, and plunk down the cash to take one home!

Whatever you do, buy one, you'll thank me for it. Want proof? Do you know some people who are just always smiling, always happy, rested and contented? Know why? Yep, they're Palm owners. Just look at my smilin' mug below. I rest my case.

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