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Wizard, the Fuzzy cat

Wizard was rescued from the pound. He's about 10 years old as of 9/2007. He's the
quietest cat we've ever known, especially compared to Addison! But he's a sweetie,
and just loves to be petted (but not held for long, he wants to be on his own feet).
He gets along great with Minja which surprised me, and sometimes I find the two
of them sleeping together (on our bed of course!) He and Bingo are best friends.
Great cat.

Bingo, the black cat

Here's Bingo, our sweet and sometimes wild black cat. We picked him up at
the pound, Alexa and some of her friends decided to snap him up, and named
him on the spot ("team decision"). He, like Wiz is just a sweetie. We've been
lucky in our pet selections and Bingo's no exception. He's more outgoing that
Wiz is but surprisingly he's skiddish around Minja, while Wiz isn't at all.

Minja, the tiny dog

This is our newest pet, a dog. I haven't owned a dog since I was a kid in
Wisconsin. His name is Minja (Ernie came up with it, we "test drove" a great,
but big and sweet, and waaaay to energetic puppy. His name was Ninja, so we kept
the "tradition" and named him "Minja," short for "mini-Ninja." Minja is a mix, probably
part Chihuahua, and part German Shepard. But that's just a guess. He's a tiny
lad, only 10lbs. But he's just great, and Alexa and all of us just love him. One thing
that worried us about getting a dog was ... would he get along with the cats? Turns
out there was nothing to worry about, while Bingo is skiddish around him, everyone
gets along just great. Two quirks about him. First, I heard him bark only once, he
just doesn't bark! Second, he loves to walk around with a rawhide "bone" in his
mouth, trying to find just the right place to hide it. Sometimes he can't find that
right place, and he'll start whimpering. Too cute.

Welcome Minja...

(And please don't tease him about the bow, it was Christmas and we wanted to
get him in the spirt of things! He didn't mind at all, nothing seems to phase him)

Lost furry friends

Fluffy, the Kitten

Fluffy, t he black one, on the right), "Fluffy" (yes, Alexa named him. Twice). He
was incredibly cute, and loved being here. Unfortunately he disappeared one day.
We miss him.

Little Cat, the Stray

Little Cat
Here's Little Cat, who literally appeared in our yard during the summer
of 2004. She hung out there for about 3 months until I was able to coax
her with some food and "pets." She was a bit wild at first ("feral"), but
became a sweetie. She just disappeared, though, in the summer of 2005.
We miss her...

Stripe & Addison taking a break

Stripe and Addison

Stripe (the gray tabby) and Addison (the B&W "whatever") Sad to say, both have
passed away, Stripe a few years ago, and Addison, surprisingly, and suddenly in
the summer of 2003. Addison was about 15 or 16 years old, Stripe was just 5 or 6.
We miss them both.


Along the way we had a few rodents, a couple rats, a couple dwarf hamsters, and
last, a mouse. Rodent's are fine, although they never played much, they mostly
wanted to just sit in their cages and run on the wheel. But rodents don't live too
long, and they're all gone now...


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