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some of my favorite links

Bullets & Beer The Spenser Home Page Bullets & Beer
Lucky Town Bruce Springsteen Fan Site  [Bruce]
Quiller The Unofficial Quiller Web Site (Adam Hall)
CNET Bandwidth test page Nifty link to test your internet connection speed
Computer Myths Page Up-to-date listings and explanations of internet, computer, and virus myths and hoaxes
Free Software Links Free things are dandy. Free cars, free houses, a duffle bag full of gold bullion. But those are kind of hard to get, but free software isn't. Here are links to "gobs" of software that's there just for the clicking
onlyscripts A site with tons of free scripts (javascript, php, asp, etc.)
Dan's Data Tech-review site, written by one of the cleverest folks on the net
Gear Live Like gadgets and gadget news? Look no further...
Ok, look further HERE. Good overall tech news site...
There is simply NO better tech site than Anand's. Period.
Ok, look further HERE. Good overall tech news site...
Tech Crunch An "interesting" tech site, worth a look.
Google My favorite search engine. heck, everyone's favorite search engine
John C. Dvorak's Blog Sort of the "Matt Drudge" of high-tech, and a favorite tech-author (PC Mag), Dvorak covers things you might have missed...
I Write Like Attempts to tell you which popular author is a match to your writing style. I dunno ... I put in some chapters of a book I'm working on and it says it's like "Stephen King." I don't see it. But it's fun.
Readability-Score A nice writing readability test program. Enter a sample of any document and it tells you the "readability score." It runs a sample of your writing through various analysis tools (e.g., Flesch/Flesch-Kincaid, Gunning Fog Index, etc.) to determine how "readable" your writing is. Interesting as all heck.
Edit Central Another writing test. (I prefer "Readability-Score" above test because it has links to what the individual scores mean, more-or-less. Be aware that this and the above links don't really "analyize" your WRITING, they simply calculate how complex the WORDS are in the text. More sylables, more "complex.")
Google Earth If you don't try any other link on this page, try THIS one. Google is on a roll, and here's an example: See any satellite pictures on the earth. See where you grew up, where you live, peer at Iraq or Moscow. (Requires a download, but worth it)
Internet Archive Curious to see what was on the web back in "the day," say 1996 or 1998? Check out the Internet Archive...
ZDNet News One of the better tech sites
ThinkGeek A dandy tech-store with mostly truly odd products.
Everything2 Try your hand at writing, but beware, everyone's a critic, even the site "bots"!
dpreview An extensive and wonderful digital photography review and discussion site
Muhammad Ali The Courier-Journal website for "The Greatest"
Miami Vice The '80s live on! Miami Vice
Moonlighting David Addison and Blue Moon relived! Moonlighting
The Onion Satire at it's best
Hack-A-Day Need to hack something? Here you can find a LOAD of fun ideas.
Kip Kay Another hack site, this one done with videos
Top 10 Reviews A site that provides the "Top Ten" reviews of various products and services. Handy.
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