Eve Cashen, A Short Life-Story

Eve (as she liked to be called) left this world as she lived it, with dignity and strength. And with the absolute love of all who knew her.

She was an amazing mix: Strong, loving, smart, funny, caring, giving, resilient, and accepting. "Integrity" may be the best word to describe Eve; she could always be counted on, was always forgiving of any wrong, just, honest, without guile, and straight-forward. She always did what was "right," no matter the cost to her. She was as perfect as any human can be. She needed little, but gave so much more.

Eve liked to travel, cherished her home that she lovingly remodeled, loved her family and friends. She had her "gambling side," and enjoyed her trips to the casinos, or card games with friends. Her other joys were reading, writing, learning, some TV, and doing daily crossword puzzles. Her brilliant mind was always working, and if anyone needed sage advice, they always turned to Eve.

In her life she worked countless jobs, always with perfection and enjoyment. The work she most loved was writing her column in the Greenfield Observer ("Around and About Greenfield," and earlier, "Eve's Comment"), her work as an aide at Greenfield High School (where both of her children attended, so she kept them in line!), and working in her last job in a legal department where she was universally respected and relished. Work was important to her, but never more important than family.

She admitted she married for "love at first sight," and while the marriage didn't succeed, she still loved him, "Bob," as he still loved her. This is how she was no matter the circumstances, she was loyal and loving. And she was happy, and determined to make those she loved happy as well. There's no measure of her greatness, and no measure of how much she'll be missed...

"Eve" was born Eva Mae Wagner, January 7th, 1931. She was a true genius (if measured by IQ), but more important, was compassionate, dedicated, and caring. Even at my advanced age I relied on her presence and advice, almost daily. I loved her, and she always came through. She didn't know how to do otherwise.

Along the way of her life she gifted me by making me her son. And Kathy her daughter.

I'd say I'll pray for her every day, but I know she's in Heaven, so she'll be praying for me and her loved ones, or talking to God directly, which pretty much trumps any prayer I can offer. I'll just exchange prayers with her...

More can be read in Mom's obituary.

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Eve Cashen, a short Life Story