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Dean's Family & Friends Photos Updated:10-21-2006

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Me with mom ("Eve")
Dean's dad "Bob," with Dean a long time ago Kathy's High School Graduation photo
Kathy (my sister) High School graduation picture, 1969

Mom coming down the hall

My cousin Jenni with her new baby, and her mom Sue

Uncle Ed

Cousin Chris

Dean's Aunt (mom's sister) Bonni

My dad and mom

My dad, Robert ("Bob") Cashen, 1945

John Cashen, my grandpa, at his "Cashen Moving" truck..

Gramma Cashen with Dean's sister, Kathy

Kathy, around age 5

The "Cashen" coat of arms?

With my sister Dawn

My uncle Tom ("Tommy")

Aunt Sandy

With Lida, deceased

My nephews, Tim (L), Chad (R), with Mary and Alexa

A picture drawn by dad (Bob) while in Germany, WWII

Mom sittin' around at home

My cousins Rich and Jenni

With my buddy Dave in So Cal, back in the 80's. Can anyone say "Miami Vice?"
Me with mom, when I had hair... :)
Mom and me outside of her home in Stanton, back in the 80's

Mom, with her dad, Grampa Roy. Mom was all of 15, and in the back is the hospital where my aunt Bonni (mom's sister) was born.(April 8th, 1946)


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