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A few photos of Dean...
Updated: 06-24-2006

Some pictures of me, all, of course, "glorious..." :)

If my webcam's up you can see some live video here

A night image ("black on black") of me at the old house.
A snapshot of me skiing at the local resort, "Bogus Basin".
Just sitting in the lower fireplace...
A "Self-Portrait" taken with my Casio QV-4000 digital camera, at mom's house.
[ Dean at Camelback Park]
Stumbling off the court (Boise Racquet and Swim Club, Boise ID).
At work in my "TCE" role
Back in "fuzzier" days...
[ Dean at work ]
An obvious victim of corporate enslavement. . . . (Taken several years ago when I was in the lab)
[ Dean reading in Portugal]
Doing my best thing, sitting with a beer and reading (in Portugal)
[ Dean in Dublin ]
Having a Guinness in Dublin
[ Dean holding baby Stripe]
Holding Stripe when he was "teeny"
[ Dean at Lida's 30th ]
With my friend Lida at her 30th birthday party in Northern Cal, a lotta years back. Lida was killed in a car accident around 1992. She was a gem.
[ Dean in his den ]
At my other Highlands home, sitting at my desk in the den

Here are some older pictures
[ Dean and his dad Bob ]
Me with my dad, Robert ("Bob") Cashen
[ Dean back home in Wisconsin ]
All bundled up for the Wisconsin winter

[ Dean wrestling ]
Lulling my opponent into a sense of "false security"
(Actually, I won this match, but in a tournament later on he threw me on my head, and literally knocked me out. I don't think I like him much anymore...)

[ Kathy, mom, and Dave ]
My sister Kathy, my mom Eve, and my brother-in-law, Dave (around 1975)

[ Gramma and Kathy Cashen ]
Gramma Cashen and Kathy
(I don't know when this was taken)

[ Jumping out of a 'perfectly good' airplane ]
A friend dared me to do it. . . (and, I'm supposed to be screaming!) At Lake Elsinore, CA, early 80's

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