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Cashen's page: Where we live

Our City

Boise's gorgeous visageThis is it, Boise Idaho. A beautiful, high desert place with lots to do, kind and honest people, good economy, and open spaces when you want them. I moved here in around '91 and never turned back.


"Where's the 'Big Dog?'  He was supposed to get me some beef jerky..."This picture was taken in the parking lot of a local Albersons grocery store. In a lot of ways, it sums up the "core" of Boise, and of Idaho, although to be fair this was taken in the early 90's, and Boise has changed a lot in the ensuing years. I couldn't resist, after seeing this shortly after I moved here, to race to my car for a camera and snapped a pic!


Our Home
Our home, back yard A shot from the back yard.
Our home, kitchenLooking down into the kitchen and dining room
Our home, more kitchenThe kitchen
Our home, one of the stair casesLooking down the stairs
Our home, another staircaseAnd looking up the other stairs
Our home, dining room fireplaceFireplace/stairs from the dining room
Our home, Living room panoramaA panorama of the living room fireplace


The Apartment

Our temp apartment
Our previous home, the apartment/townhouse we rented until we found a house that suited us.
Temp apartment iving room
The apartment's living room. Quite a change from the old homestead!

(And yes, we like to keep an extra door handy, in case of emergencies :-) It's the door to the basement that the movers removed to get access)
Our temp apartment, view
Not a bad view out of our back door. The apt's situated in the lower Boise foothills, and it's just a walk out the back to hiking in the hills.
Panoramic view of the "park" at our apt (180K)This is a panoramic view of the "park" (as the kids call it) in our apartment. Warning: The picture is fairly big (180K) -- but it's nifty!


Harcourt House

 [The front of our new house]
Our last home, before we sold it. The photo's from just when we were moving in (Alexa wasn't born yet).

 [The back yard of our new house]
The backyard

 [A view of Boise from our upper deck]
A view of Boise from the bedroom deck


The first Highland House

 [House at the end of the rainbow]
This was taken by a friend Ilene, who lived"just down the way" from us. That's my previous house at the "end of the rainbow."

Old Highland View house, backsideThe back of the house, taken from Hulls Gulch

Old Highland View house, kitchenThe kitchen...

Old Highland View house, dining roomAnd the dining room.

 [View of Downtown Boise]
This is a view of Downtown Boise from the top of "Hulls Gulch".

If you look closely (and have a great imagination) you can see the Capitol Building near the center)

 [View of the Boise hills]
And this is a view of the Boise foothills, just above the area known as "Hulls Gulch"


Where I work

 [Where I worked in Boise]
This is where I work, the HP campus in Boise.

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