That's right! We're having a baby!

He or she (we don't know yet) was due November 11, 1998.  

Where's the kid?
Saturday , Nov 21th, 1998, 4:50am

Mom's been up with contractions since 1:00am. We have scheduled to induce this morning at 7:00. So it looks like everthing's coming together...!

We're ready, and waiting. The crib and cradle and changing table are all set up. We've painted the baby's room a neutral light-green color. We have a car seat, stroller, diapers, all kinds of towels & "clean-up things", and some nifty toys. I've (Dean) been boning up on my Quake 2 skills, although it'll be a few years before the young'un bellies up to the keyboard to frag some aliens. But it's best to be prepared. Her mom's been singing baby-songs and speaking French to her tummy ("Qu'est ce que je t'adore, mon petit bebe!"). It's something to see, trust me. I've been countering with some Bruce Springsteen showstoppers, but mom thinks the little one'll come out thinking life is all about desolation and driving cars. I don't think Barney sings any Bruce, so she could be right.

Mom's done great all along, a picture-perfect pregnacy throughout (Except for the reluctant star's delayed appearance, of course!). Dean, on the other hand, is suffering from sympathy pains. This is why men don't have babies.

We have names picked out:
  • "Jack" if it's a boy
  • "????" if it's a girl
As you can see, we're lost on a name for a girl. We've gone through a few hundred, and haven't found "the one". We have a few candidates, but still haven't decided for certain. Maybe tonight.

We've taken classes on babies, birthing, etc., and know which end to powder*, so I'm sure we're "all set." Piece of cake, now it can only get easier from here on out, right? Uh huh...

(* - actually, powder's a no-no these days, see how much we know?)

And now, for the star of the show!...
Baby Cashen!
Baby Cashen at 14 weeks

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