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WHAT IS LIFE? By Alexa Cashen

What is life, you ask?

WelI I certainly dont know!

Is it wind and sunny days?

Is it also rain and snow?

It is mice and fluffy kittens?

It is birds that fly above?

It is smiles and happy sights?

It is push and shove?

It is love and happiness?

It is lemonade?

It is swimming in the pool and playing in the shade?

It is seasons come and gone?

Time and time again, it is how hard you try to be someone's friend.

It is all the pain and grief?

It is all the light?

It is all the happiness?

And that my friend is life.

copyright © 1997-2010 dean cashen    06-22-2010 

Copyright 1997-2008 Dean Cashen