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 Ernie and Dean
who we are:

dean and ernie cashen

where we live: boise, idaho (usa)
where I work:

at a computer company (now retired)

what we do:

dean worked in "total customer experience", alexa works at being great, and it comes naturally. ernie worked in the telecom industry.


cats: "Wizard," about 10-12 yrs old, picked him up at the pound after Addison died the summer of 2003. Addison was 15 yrs old, and well-loved. To keep Wizard company we got a cute black kitten from the pound, named "Fluffy." But he disappeared one day, not long ago. A trouble with living where we live. We miss him.

now we have "Bingo," a wonderful all-black cat. he's about 3 yrs old, and he's "all cat," beautiful (so are you Wizard!)

dogs: (More correctly, "dog").. Minja, our 1/2/ Chihuahua, 1/2 "Something Else" (although we think the "else" is German Shepard). We got him from a pet foster home, he was found running around in someone's back yard. Now he runs around in ours. He's great, although he's started chewing things up (so WHAT if we wasted money on doggy chew-toys? It's more fun to eat a shoe or some computer wiring instead, isn't it?). We love him though.


tennis (got back into it after an 18 year hiatus)
skiing, I like "crusin' runs"
cooking great dinners and eating out
I don't much care for TV, but I like watching movies/DVDs
karate (Alexa's now has her Black belt. Whoo Hoo!)

video games

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