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Eve's Pages

updated: December 7th, 2005

Read some background and info on Mom's illness here

Mom's passing

While mom beat her cancer, as these pages document, she passed away, peacefully, on December 1st, 2005 from strokes that were unrealated to her cancer. She will be missed -- more than missed -- by all, and will reside with me next to her daughter, my sister, Kathy.
Read about mom here.

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Mom with Alexa at home (her first day out of the hospital)

Mom taking a walk with Alexa at her apartment

Another walk in her apartment hallway

With me in her apartment

Alexa and Sandy, visiting mom's place

Tom with Alexa at mom's

Mom's building at Lancaster Village

A panaramic view (about 350 degrees) of Lancaster Village (It's large, about 240KB, composed of 8 side-by-side photos)

A sitting/family room in mom's building

First lunch at Lancaster with Sandy, and "Foxey," a new friend (I'm not making that name up!)

Moms Graduation picture. She kept it by her bed.



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